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Tri Iso Propanol Amines

Vicamol TIPA

Chemical family Names : Polyols, Alkanolamines
C.A.S. No. : 122 - 20 - 3
Synonyms : Tris (2-Propanol) amine
Molecular Formula: N[CH3CH(OH)CH2]3
Molecular Weight: 191.27

Introduction :

1. Commercial grade of Tri Isopropanol Amine is available as 85%
    aqueous solution and blance is 15% deionized water.

Product Name Appearance at 25 Deg C Active content (%) Water Content (%)
TRI ISOPROPANOL AMINE Clear to light yellow liquid 85 min 15 mix

2. Liquid grade of Tri Isopropanol Amine, should not be stored in presence
    of Aluminium, due to possibility of corrosion and potential chemical
    reaction releasing Hydrogen gas at above 60 deg C.

3. Tri Isopropanol Amine should not be passed through rubber hose.

4. Copper and Brass plant, fitting must be avoided.

Product Applications :

In Construction Chemical Industries :

1. Tri Isopropanol Amine is a type of surface treating agent, widely used in
    cement industry.

2. The cement and concrete industries use TIPA as a grinding aid and it is used
    in concrete admixtures.

Other Uses :

1. As Gas Scrubber in Natural and Refinery Gas Operation.

2. As crosslinking catalyst in polyurethane production.