Industry - Textile

Process Chemicals

Sizing Agents

Product Name Application
VISCOL AW 52 Highly effective Afterwaxing agent for Unsized Spun Yarns
VISCOL AW-72 Highly efficient after waxing agent for 100% Spun Yarns of Cotton, Polyster, Viscose & Acrylics
VISCOL PW-79 Highly efficient after waxing agent with excellent lubricity, antistatic property & binding property for unsized yarns of Wool, Polywool Yarns
VISCOL TS Sizing Softner in Paste form
VISCOL TS-C Sizing Softner in Flakes form
VISCOL BPS-W Acrylic Sizing agent for Water Jet looms
VISCOL TWL Lubricating agent
VISCOL AS 45 Antistatic agent
VISCOL AO-60 After waxing agent for Water jet Size
VISCOL BPJ-N Acrylic Sizing agent for Conventional looms
VISCOL CP Penetrating agent