Industry - Construction Chemicals

Paraffin wax emulsion

Vicamol C22

Paraffin wax emulsion is most commonly used in manufacturing of Construction Chemicals for protection of concrete against correosion and rust by improving water resistance as water can weaken or damage concrete. The product is recommended for use in cement admixtures as curing additives.

Vicamol C22 is a free flowing, homogenous, aqueous wax emulsion manufactured by Viswaat Chemivals Limited, by proper selection of Emulsifiers and maintaining the right combination of wax and Emulsifier. The product is Cationic in nature.

Product Specifications :

Appearance : Free flowing milky white emulsion
Ph (as such) : 4.5 - 5.5
Total Solid Content : 40 ± 2%
Viscosity @ 30Deg C by B4 Cup in seconds : 25.0 Max
Nature : Cationic
Solubility : Dispersible in Water

Handling & Storage

Material should be stored under shade at temperature about 28 - 30 Deg C. Exposure to direct sunlight is to be avoided. Containers should be properly closed to prevent surface evaporation of the material.