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Naphthalene Formaldehyde Condensate Sodium Salt

Vicamol SNF (P)

Vicamol SNF (P) manufactured by Viswaat chemicals Ltd. belogns to Sodium salt of Naphthalene Sulphonic Acid Formaldehyde condensates type of products. The Commerical materials is supplied as a powder.

Product Specifications :

Appearance : Free flowing brown colour liquid
Bulk density kg/lit : 0.55 -0.70
Solubility in water of 40% by wt. : Completely soluble without any sediments
Specific gravity of 40% solution @30 Deg.C : 1.17-1.21
pH of 10% aqueous sol. : 7.0 -9.0
Flowtime in B3 cup of 40% sol.secs. : 22-23
Moisture content (% bt wt) : 10max
Sulphate content (% bt wt) : 10 max
Spread diameter of mortar at W/C 0.30 with 0.3% dosage of powder by wt.of mortar mm : 250-270
Air content of mortar against control : Max 2% over control

Product Applications :

In Construction Chemical Industries :

These products have been found to be an excellent dispersants, for cement, with low foaming characteristics, less or no tendency of hardening retardation, and air entrainment as compared to coventional chemical admixtures. However, the dispersive ability of these products vary depending upon the cement.

Other Uses :

1. As pigment and dye dispersant
2. As dispersant in agricultural formulation.