Environment, Health & Safety

At Viswaat Chemicals, our business philosophy revolves around our commitment towards the protection and conservation of the environment & the eco system and to ensure the health and safety of all our partners.

It is our constant endeavor to conserve and optimize the use of the available natural resources so that the impact on the eco system arising on account of our operations is at a bare minimum. Further keeping in mind the Health & Safety of the Human Resource at work, we emphasize on the 5 M’S(Man, Machine, Material, Money & Method) concept, wherein the health and safety are considered to be more important than the activity of production itself and subsequent profits thereof. With this belief, it is our commitment to ensure the healthiest and safest possible working conditions for all our partners.

It will always be our quest to continuously and consistently improvise upon our operational efficiency. This ongoing process of improvement will be supported by regular environmental reviews and audits which in turn would help us in determining the effectiveness of our EHS policy, as we believe any compromise on this front would undermine the core of our business philosophy.