Company Profile

Viswaat Chemicals Limited was incorporated in the year 1999. Our business model includes manufacture and sale of various specialty chemicals catering to industries such as Agro, Construction, Inks, Leather, Paints, Paper, Pharmaceuticals, and Textiles etc. Over the years a strong focus on Research & Development has enabled us to develop and establish a robust portfolio of products catering to both the domestic and international clientele.

As an evolving company, we believe in creating enduring products developed through high quality of innovation and efficient manufacturing processes with utmost concern towards the Environment, Health & Safety of all our partners. It is our constant endeavor to live up to this expectation as this is the key to Sustainable Success.

Our Strengths

  • High commitment towards Environment, Health and Safety
  • Strong platform for surfactant based chemistry
  • Vibrant culture of Innovation
  • Trained and dedicated Manpower
  • Robust platform of Quality Control which ensures the Correctness and Completeness of all types of Inventory
  • Scalable and versatile Manufacturing Infrastructure
  • Dynamic sourcing and logistics platform which facilitates effective management of the Supply Chain
  • Reliable and energetic network of Channel Partners
  • Dedicated & independent IT platform which supports a fully integrated ERP infrastructure

  • Vision Statement

  • To manufacture quality and consistently diverse specialty chemicals through constant and innovative R&D which is customer centric and has a global reach
  • To help enrich the quality of life of the local community and the employees and preserve the ecological balance and heritage through a “strong & safe environment consciousness”
  • To create enduring value for the local community, government agencies, financial institutions, vendors, employees and the management

  • Mission Statement

  • “To articulate the vision, passionately own it and relentlessly drive it to completion”